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FORT MYERS, Apr 04, 2014 - On March 28th 2014, Uniquely Made For More, launched its home-based gift basket business into the arms of the southwest Florida gulf coast community. Located in the heart of Fort Myers, its owner, Michelle James, felt it was time that she expressed her passion and creativity to the rest of the world by designing her one-of-a-kind, custom-made gift baskets. James' baskets will target the Eve generation, as she calls it, and will contain products that engage the soul and uplift the spirit.


"I enjoy the sheer thrill of constructing a product from the bare essentials and seeing how it all comes together." she says. "Gift baskets are artistic arrangements and compositions of beauty. It is simply fascinating for me to watch how a few basic ingredients can become magically transformed into a vision of loveliness!" The light in her eyes reveals just how much she enjoys what it is that she does.


James, a native Jamaican, had originally initiated this business approximately 10 years ago while employed at a local hospital working the night shift. Although the business had begun to take shape and orders were being fulfilled, she found that both jobs were draining her in both time and health. "It got to the point where I hadn't slept for days because I was so focused on making a success of this business," she shakes her head. "I was the one-woman show; I did everything from start to finish: the designs, the books, the deliveries, the marketing... and on weekends, I'd try to find the time to attend seminars to increase my knowledge about the gift basket business. Talk about burning the candle at both ends!" She erupts in laughter.


Eventually, James gave up the business to continue working in her field as a medical laboratory assistant but the desire to leave that field was bubbling within her heart. She knew the day would come when she would return to her passion and, after a series of life-changing events that triggered an open door to swing open, it did. She has embarked on a journey in which her dream has finally begun. "It's never too late to begin again," she says. "I've seen so many others who, for one reason or another, were delayed in achieving their dream or passion. I always knew that God had made me for a purpose and that He had something in mind for me to accomplish here. That's the reason I named the business as I did. It's targeted to encourage women like myself who may feel they have nothing much to offer. Women who may have been rejected by society in whatever form, either by abuse, mistreatment, oppressive situations and the like. I want them to know that even if society's perspective of them may be skewed, God sees them as something special... His masterpiece; and as an original, they are intrinsically designed and uniquely made... for more.


Uniquely Made For More was founded on the premise that God created the human race as an original work of art and onto each individual 'canvas' He liberally, yet selectively, splashed a variety of qualities, skills and talents of great potential. When these colorful gifts are utilized to their maximum potential, they have the ability to transform each 'canvas' into a beautiful masterpiece.


It is said that it only takes a spark to get a fire burning. With this in mind, Uniquely Made For More hopes to set women's hearts ablaze... one flicker at a time...



Michelle James

Uniquely Made For More


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