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“I just wanted to let you know that I finished reading your book and it was completely amazing. Very detailed and it made me turn the page every time.  I got teary-eyed at one part. I'm not sure I remember which one that was.. That's how amazing your book was! :) I can't wait for your next books.”
Reviewer: Desiree Perez

"Just wanted you to know that I picked up your book this past weekend and read it in one sitting. Absolutely riveting, passionate, gutsy, personal, and powerful. Deep, very, very deep... It was definitely well written, and I'm sure that all who will read it will be able to identify with those struggles which we all face on a daily basis. In any case, it was great. I loved it. Looking for your next one..."
Reviewer: Julius J. Davis, Jr.

From early childhood, this woman suffered from one bad incident to another, and though really not too unlike others, her perception of the tribulations of life took her into an extreme way of thinking. Always seeming to go against the grain, she married a man who turned out to be a better friend than husband. There were many lessons through her travels, but she was always left with another decision. I read this story with interest; however, the one thing I was looking for was something I never found. ‘Who was this woman?’ Though I knew the reference to the particular people used in this story, I never knew any of them by name. I found myself feeling lost at times. I hope the second segment is a bit more explicit.  

Reviewer: GhostWriter Literary Reviews

This afternoon, I received my copy of "A Black Sheep In The Fold."  I read the entire book from cover to cover within the short span of a few hours. I truly enjoyed every page. Your true-to-life literary work is definitely a "Word in Season".  Congratulations on a job well done. Keep up the good work, My Sister. God has given you a beautiful gift, and you definitely used this gift to His glory. Blessings. . . 
Reviewer: Mary T. Wiley, Author, "Tears Amidst My Joy"

Captivating! Astounding! Excellent!
Author, Michelle A. James paints a panoramic picture of the life of a woman on a quest to find her way. This true-to-life, yet fictional character struggles against strong holds, stumbling blocks, and situation after challenging situation.
Armed with her stong faith in Almighty God; along with her own strength and fortitude, she is determined to erase the many scars of her past. What shall she find on this mission of discovery? Heaven only knows..
Reviewer: EvangelineMW

I had the opportunity to purchase this short story and thought it an excellent read! The author weaves light humor between the lines of the character's serious and intense life experiences. I recommend this book to individuals who may feel that they have no value or significance in life. This book offers hope and encouragement with a spiritual undertone.
Reviewer: Anonymous

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