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Spring Into Action!

Spring has already arrived and it seems as if the weeks have been zooming by!  Before you know it, summer will be gracing us with its presence! How are you keeping up with the fast pace of life? Have you discovered the key in which to go with its constant ebb and flow? If so, let me know!

Do you find yourself springing into action on many an occasion? Pardon the pun but it seems that's the order of the day where quite a large number of people are busy leading hectic lives, juggling a multitude of tasks at any given time that they fail to enjoy the journey. Do you know how to take brief pauses and short breaths to inhale, or are you just waiting to exhale? How about taking a few moments to simply stop and smell the roses... or whatever fragrance there may be in your pathway of life? 

Let this Spring season bring a breath of fresh air and a wind of renewal to your mind, body, spirit and soul. Take time to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you and reflect on the things that truly matter. 

This month, I will be doing a bit of spring cleaning. Products will be replaced, the website will be modified, new strategies will be implemented and new markets explored. The trend toward healthy living allows me the ability to bring in organic, gluten-free and vegan products. Natural, handmade items within the spa and skincare line will be featured soon. 

Here's an example of a recent custom order for a healthy basket I designed. It had an array of fresh fruit nestled against a beautiful plant which the recipient can either add to their home garden or use as a desk accessory to brighten up the office. Customization truly adds a different dimension to any gift-giving occasion!

Administrative Professionals Day is quickly approaching! (It's on April 26th this year) Is there an industrious person you know who is deserving of praise for a job well done or who needs an appreciative thank-you? I'm here to assist you in the process of making a wise decision in your selection. I'm just a call away at 239-313-0044!

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