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New Beginnings

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Happy New Year wishes to you!

At the close of each year, many people reflect on events, circumstances or occurrences, whether good or bad, that may have impacted their lives, either positively or adversely, throughout the year. Did they act impulsively or react favorably? Did they face obstacles valiantly or fall and crumble in defeat?

As each new year unfolds, there's always an opportunity to bring change... to start afresh... to make corrections... to turn things around. A new year that's filled with NEW hopes, NEW dreams, NEW ways of doing things. A new year that offers, at its onset, time to reflect, review and reNEW.

The word of the hour, here, is NEW.

This desire for NEW changes will require a certain mindset which will produce certain actions that will ultimately lead to a desired outcome. Most people optimistically hope for, and choose to maintain high expectations that will generate positive results. 

Here, at Uniquely Made For More, attempts are being made this year to achieve this type of change as well. New creative ideas and plans are being put in place to refine our designs and redefine our product categories.

This month we would like to hear from you, our clients, customers and supporters. We are currently creating a survey questionnaire that will require your input regarding the products or gift items you would like to see in store. Your submission will gain you an entry into January's free gift giveaway contest so be sure to watch for an upcoming notification.

Together, let's make this a year that will be YOUniquely made for more!


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