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June is busting out all over!

June signifies the entrance of Summer. Hot, sizzling Summer!

Plans of weddings, graduations and vacations (or stay-cations as the case may be) start to unfold... or may have already unfolded. For some, it's a welcome relief, a respite and a mid-year breakaway from the frenzied pace of life. 

I recently attended my niece's high school graduation and opted to bless her with a candy bouquet which was uniquely made and custom themed for the occasion. I think it was a "beary" worthy design, wouldn't you agree?


You, too, can have a bouquet ordered to your specification for any occasion. Whether it's candy, nuts, a variety of tea or coffee or even mini-snacks in packs... anything is possible! I'll be sure to make it nice at your budgeted price!  

Summer Plans

This month, I'll be coursing along the east coast on a road trip to the NYC and, if time permits, the lower New England areas. The annual Gift Basket Convention will be based in NJ and will be held during the latter part of this month. It will end on a high note as the Fancy Food trade show begins immediately after. Attending the trade show will allow me the opportunity  to view all that's trending and new within the realm of the gift industry so stay tuned to my next newsletter for updates!

Upcoming sale!

At the end of the July/August period, I'll be cleaning house and reducing inventory to make room for new products. Specially selected items will be drastically marked down for sale or will be used as a part of a game giveaway. More details to come in the July newsletter! Don't miss it!

Have a safe and fun-tastic summer! Stay cool! ~Michelle James, Your Gift Designer

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