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Happy New Year 2018!

Another year has eventually come to a close, A year in which many faced some challenging blows. Some lost their homes, family members and friends, Others lost jobs on which their livelihood depends. Some tackled a number of health related issues, While others reeled in fear of impending global news.

With a new year approaching, we all will agree, That it's one in which we're being given a new opportunity. To renew hope and faith in God and on Him rest, Anchoring our lives in Him is what will be best. My prayer for you all is that this year will bring, Great blessings from Him who is our Everything! . (©Michelle A. James, December 2017)


This past Christmas season, many of the gifts that were sent via local delivery were healthy gourmet actuality, they were arranged on trays. Fruit and healthy snacks were in demand and this will possibly be an ongoing trend as many people are seeking to live a more healthy lifestyle.

Here are a few of the trays I designed. All budgets were covered. It's something I make every attempt to do... that is, to work with you. The big box stores will not take the time and the details to customize or personalize their gifts for their customers. This is where I, as a small business owner, come in to make the process simple, engaging and satisfying to both the client and recipient.

  • Know someone who's experiencing a tough season in life? Ask about my Care Package gift selections!

  • Candy Bouquet designs are assembled for the sugary (or sugar-free) candy lover.

  • Not sure what to purchase for a co-worker, family member or friend? Gift Certificates are available for you to send.

This year, let me assist you with your personal gift giving experience. I promise to design gifts that will leave you feeling enWRAPtured....

~Michelle James, Your Gift Designer

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