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February Newsletter 2018

Shout it from the rooftops! Love is in the air!

I’ve noticed that even before the New Year began, certain stores had their Valentine’s Day displays up! Remnants of Christmas décor were still on the sales floor vying for their post-holiday sales event spots yet nearby, there were colors of pinks and reds of varying hues hovering in their midst. Ah yes, Valentine’s Day would be overshadowing their presence.

Granted, it is a novel idea to remind folks of the upcoming holiday seasons but… I think that putting the information out too early will not necessarily accelerate their purchasing power. I believe that there will always be last-minute shoppers who will wait for those ‘special deals’ of the hour. Always! Procrastination is a habit that, for many, will certainly be around for quite some time.

So, now that the month of February is here, I too have joined the amassing throng of vendors to let you know what I will be offering in the studio… just a graphic or visual taste to whet your appetite before the 14th rolls around.


Because my designs are primarily customized, I will list a few of the items that will be available for inclusion in those designs. And remember: I will work within your budget to provide your recipient with the best experience that will leave them totally enWRAPtured!

To place an order, visit the order page. Any questions can be submitted by email or simply call 239-313-0044. Have a fabulous February! Wishing you much Love, Michelle James, your Gift Designer

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