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Christmas Is A-Coming!

December Newsletter

Well, the year has finally come to a close and we are almost at the height of the Christmas season. In the busyness of our daily "life-business," let us not lose sight of what this season is truly about.

Although no-one really knows the actual date of His birth, the fact that Christ Jesus did come to earth is the reason why we celebrate CHRISTmas. It's not enough to say Happy Holidays or Merry Xmas. It is more than appropriate to attribute, honor, appreciate and designate the season to Him who is the Savior... and to recognize why He came: i.e. to save the human race (sinners) from their sinful ways.  

Let me encourage you to put aside the distractions that would deter focus from what's true. Establish moments of peace and joy by singing the classic hymns and carols, by gathering together/ breaking bread (sharing meals) with friends and/or loved ones, by visiting the sick or shut-ins and by giving what you can to help those who may be homeless or helpless.

The true heart of the season is being selfless. Jesus gave His life for us so, therefore, let us emulate His by doing the same.

As the new year approaches, may it be filled with hope and expectancy and all that will be, for you, Uniquely Made For More!

Wishing you and yours a most blessed, Christ-centered Christmas!

Michelle James Your Gift Designer

Christmas is a-coming and the gifts are getting done, The time's quickly approaching and soon it'll be gone! It's really not too early to place orders with me today,

And to ensure your gifts are shipped or delivered without delay.

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