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Busting Into August!

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Ah, August. It signifies the end of Summer.

Another season of Summer is drawing to a close and it simply boggles my mind just how quickly time truly goes by!

Before you know it, the kids and teachers will be back in school (or off to colleges and universities) to begin yet another school year.

It was a slow season for many of us in the gifting industry. It usually is, considering the fact that businesses such as mine are quite seasonal. We thrive best when special holidays approach but many people simply fail to realize that gifts are given all year round.

In this month's newsletter, I'm sending out a bit of information about the different ways in which gifts can be given, making it an all-occasion event. And yes, there are ways in which you can certainly choose to make it a "uniquely made for more" special and personal experience for your recipient.

50 Great Reasons To Give Gift Baskets

Click on the baskets below to see the list!



Starting in September, I will be introducing a new game to all my newsletter subscribers. (Restricted to US residents only) Each month, a secret code will be embedded within the content of the newsletter. Your participation in locating the code and emailing the correct response to me will guarantee you a free gift which will be mailed out to you. So, be on the lookout for this exciting new event!

Until then, enjoy the rest of what's left of Summer!

Michelle James Your Gift Designer

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