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Back to school? What??

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

The Summer of 2017 is drawing to a close.

Seriously? How quickly the time goes!

I sincerely hope that you had the opportunity to enjoy every breath-taking moment of the summer season. Yes, breath-taking... as it seems that this year's summer has been a very hot (okay, a sweltering, sizzling hot) experience for many people who endured intense moments of heat and humidity throughout the US.

In many ways, this is not just a farewell to Summer but a celebration to welcome the cooler temperatures which are an indicator and a precursor to Fall.

And this also signals a period of preparation for students to return to schools, colleges and universities... a sobering moment of returning to reality and the realization that it's indeed Packing Time.

  • Time to pack the backpacks with books and pens, pencils and paper, folders, journals and class schedules....

  • Time to go shopping, to get the clothing in gear to wear....

  • Time to travel, in some cases, to distant locations from their parents' home to "dorm it down" in on-campus living.

Therefore, this month, I'm offering a selection of student care packages for parents to send to their kids as gifts to wish them well for a productive school year ahead. And if you happen to know of any parent who may be interested, please share this with them! A referral gift awaits you for doing so!

August... or bust! Your Gift Designer, Michelle

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