About Us

Hello, and welcome to the home of Uniquely Made For More!


So, what exactly is Uniquely Made For More, you ask?


Uniquely Made For More was founded on the premise that God created the human race as an original work of art, and on each individual 'canvas' He liberally yet selectively splashed a variety of qualities, skills and talents of great potential.  When these colorful gifts are utilized to their maximum potential, they have the ability to transform each 'canvas' into a beautiful masterpiece. 


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Our primary goal is to honor God's special 'art pieces': women.  Those who have been demoralized, abused, mistreated, taken for granted and who may be in despair. We reach out to the homeless and those who are incarcerated. We seek to help the victims of trafficking and prostitution. Our aim is to allow them to see the love and goodness of God and His desire to let them become who He created them to be. Our mission is to give them hope and encouragement.... to allow them to see that in God's eyes they are truly one-of-a-kind...His precious 'masterpieces' that are truly and uniquely made for more.


It is said that it only takes a spark to get a fire burning. With this in mind, Uniquely Made For More hopes to set women's hearts ablaze... one flicker at a time...

Our Gift Baskets


We choose to use gift baskets as tools of recognition and honor ....to build confidence, to strengthen and uplift the spirit and to affirm worth in the lives of all women.


Our gift baskets are designed along the same premise of God's creation: they are original, custom-made, creatively-enhanced, Christian-themed works of artistic beauty. Although each basket's content might be  somewhat similar, no design is exactly the same.


View a collection of our designs here.

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